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What's the Buzz?

This world renowned Social and Emotional Literacy Program helps children to develop skills such as:

  • Learning to go with the flow,

  • Reading social and emotional play,

  • Increasing empathic skills; and,

  • Improving the reciprocal nature of interpersonal interactions.

Who is it for?

What's the Buzz? is for ALL young people, and particularly for those who struggle to make friends, to fit in socially and to smoothly navigate their social and emotional worlds.


What’s the Buzz? has proven particularly helpful for young people identified with:


  • Autism

  • ADHD and ADD

  • Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Language Disorder

  • Non Verbal Learning Disorder

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Anxiety difficulties

Can I claim this program with NDIS?

Yes, you can claim the cost of this program if you are plan or self managed.


Are you feeling less than optimal? Perhaps you feel like you have some problems you need to work through? Book a counselling session with Michelle, a qualified counsellor, mum and ASD specialist. 

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